Sports Rehabilitation


Our main goal is to have our patients be able to return to their normal activities of daily living and be able to return to playing sports without any difficulties. It is important to promote a speedy and correct recovery, prevent future injuries, and maintain a peak level of fitness. If you participate in any kind of sports or repetitive physical activity such as working out at the gym, you are likely to experience a series of minor-injuries which may appear to eventually heal but many years later manifest as chronic pain of unknown origin. Repetitive micro-trauma to the body can eventually turn into a severe chronic problem.


Spectrum Chiropractic and Acupuncture will help you recover from a sports related injury and reduce the possibility of a future injury. We will help enhance the athlete's overall proprioception, endurance, and power. We are committed to help you achieve your highest level of sports performance. During the rehabilitation period, we will help enhance overall sports performance by paying attention to the physical components of the specific sport the athlete is involved in. Each sport has different physical requirements, which need to be addressed appropriately. At Spectrum Chiropractic, both professional and amateur athletes can benefit from our services. Some of the more common injuries seen in sports include: Shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, ankle sprain, muscle imbalance and jumpers knee.